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About us

We are Katya and Mirko two nomads who crossed paths in 1998 in Israel and have been traveling together since winter of 2000. We have been exploring our beautiful planet on the bicycles since 2002.

We started on a small island called Koh Tao in Thailand, and stayed in Asia for 6 years moving between Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, China, Mongolia, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. In 2007 we returned to our home in Europe to visit family and friends.

Now we are on our second phase of our journey back to Asia, which started in summer 2008. We started in Ljubljana, Slovenia crossing Croatia, Bosnia, Monte Negro, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Sinai (Egypt) and Israel. We left Israel this spring going back to Sinai, Jordan, Syria, Kurdish part of Turkey, Gruzia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, Laos and now we are in Thailand.

In order to support ourselves, we make hand-made jewelry from all natural materials which we gather and sell while we are on the road. Our creations are always unique — inspired by the places we visit and the natural world around us.

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